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Trevor Jackson
Anyone who has followed underground dance, rap, and electronic music from the late '80s through the 2010s likely owns a few pieces of music touched, in some form, by Trevor Jackson. The London, England native, who started going to raves at the age of 14, entered the industry after approaching Mark Moore of S'Express for the sake of doing sleeve design. Some of the more notable releases to feature Jackson's designs, beginning in 1988, include Royal House's "Yeah Buddy," Aphrodisiac's "Song of the Siren," and Stereo MC's' Supernatural. Often credited as Bite It!, he started a label of the same name in 1991 and released around two dozen titles, including several releases by rap trio the Brotherhood. Jackson used the label for his Underdog alias, credited as producer for a few Bite It! missives, and issued three volumes in a series titled The Attic Tapes. Tracks by the likes of House of Pain, Shara Nelson, U2, Massive Attack, Wu-Tang Clan, and dozens of others would be remixed by Jackson as Underdog. In 1996, the same year Bite It! would issue its final release, Jackson started Output -- a label with a somewhat similar, if significantly broader, aesthetic. Jackson's Brainchild and Open Music, Fridge, Lisa Germano, and Four Tet were among the label's earliest acts.
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